Govu mahime

GovaHa vishwasya mAAtharaHa !


                                    Gaavoo Vishwasya Maatharaha


  1. Namaskaragalu,

    My sincere Pranamas to all HariBhaktas.

    Do you want to rediscover your vedic traditions... Come rediscover the legendary Vedas.
    I am ready to teach Madhwas right from Sandhya Vandana to Veda Mantras depending on each ones requirement & ability. I have taken up a mission to inculcate a habit of doing at least Sandyavandana & Devara puje in the madhwas. I am targeting both Young & Young at heart to impart knowledge/ training. I am willing to teach through Skype – Video (Internet) on request at some minimal cost.

    I request Madhwas to make use of the opportunity. People who have been regularly doing Sandyavandana/ Devarapuja can brush up & check if what they are following/doing is right or over period of time, some errors have crept-in. Satvik souls who have the willingness to start doing sandhyavandana but are hesitant / do not know where to start can make use of this opportunity.

    Please make use of this golden opportunity at the earliest.

    Will be teaching Vedas in particular
    Tithareya Upanishad - Sikshavalli, Brahmanandavalli, Briguvalli

    Mahanarayana Upanishad, Eshavasya Upanishad, Purusha Sukta, Sree Sukta, Balitha Sukta, Manyu Suktam Pavamana Sukta, Mantra Pushpam, Narayana Upanishad, Rathri Sukta, Agni Sukta, Gharma Sukta, Rudra Prashna & Chamaka Prashna, Aruna Prashna, Athrvana Suryopanishath, Anoobadra Sukta, Soura Sukta, Devi Sukta, Nathamamho Sukta, Asyavami Sukta.

    Will be teaching Stotras in particular
    Vishnusahasranama, Krishna Stotra, Venkatesha Stotra, Shiva Stuthi, Rayara Stotra, Vayustuthi, Saraswathi Stotra, Narasimha Stotra, Narasimha Astakam, Anu Bhasya, Nadi Stotra.

    Other than the above said Sandhyavandana, Devara Pooja
    You can reach me on my mobile i.e. 9743896835 or by mail –


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