Adhika maasa Dhana

Vrathas & Danas in Adhika Masa
Masa Snana: Snana during Arunodaya (One and a half hour period before Sunrise) on all days of the masa in rivers / sarovaras / tanks / wells etc.
Ayachitha Vratha: Being content with what you have and not ask anybody for anything.
Akhanda Deepa: One lamp should glow continuously without a break during the entire masa.
Deepa Seva: Lighting of 33 lamps, 108 lamps, 1008 lamps on all days / special days / one day or any combination.
Dharana Parana Vratha: Fifteen cycles of One complete day fasting (dharana) followed by Parana on the next day.
Vishnu Panchaka Vratha: Five fasts during the masa on - Shravana Nakshatra day, Two Ekadashis, Pournami and Amavasya
Naktha Bhojana / Eka Bhuktha: Complete fasting during the day and just One meal at night time.
Thamboola Dana: On all days of the masa to brahmin couples.
Bagina dana: Women should give away baginas to at least 33 mutthaides (sumangalis).
Apoopa Dana: Apoopas prepared out of Rice, Jaggery and Ghee. At least 33 apoopas in a bronze vessel to be given away. Ghee in another vessel also to be given away. This is said to bestow Vishesha Phala.
Phala Dana: Minimum of 33 plantains or mangoes or Jack fruit lozenges.
Those who cannot give on all days of the masa should try and give on the special days: Shukla Dwadashi, Pournima, Krishna Ashtami, Navami, Dwadashi, Chathurdashi and Amavasya.
Note: All danas should be accompanied by Dakshina (cash).
Dakshina is the name of the Lakshmidevi seated to the south of Sriman Narayana. Danas are considered being given to Sriman Narayana and Dakshina to Lakshmidevi by name Dakshina.
Shastras say Dakshina should be equal to the monetary value of the item being given away. Considering what shastras say, Dakshina should not be just a coin.
Vrathas and Danas are complete only with a Samarpane to Bhagavantha. Traditionally, “Bharathi ramana Mukhya Prananthargatha Shri Krishnarpanamastu” is used.
The number 33 mentioned in all the above cases is the minimum indicated and persons who can afford need not limit to 33.


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