Madhwara Parampare Mathas

Madhva Mathas

A list of the various Mathas adhering to Srimadacharya’s philosophy. Out of these, the first eight are part of the Ashta (eight) mathas of Udupi who take turns once every two years to worship Lord Krishna at Udupi.
  1. Palimaru Matha
  2. Adamaru Matha
  3. Krishnapura Matha
  4. Puttige Matha
  5. Shirooru Matha
  6. Sode Matha
  7. Kaniyooru Matha
  8. Pejavara Matha
  9. Uttaradi Matha
  10. Bhandarakeri Matha
  11. Subramanya Matha
  12. Chitrapura Matha
  13. Bhimanakatte Matha
  14. Madhva Kanva Matha
  15. Sagarakatte Vyasaraja Matha
  16. Kashi Matha
  17. Partagali Jeevottama Matha
  18. Raghavendra Matha
  19. Sosale Vyasaraja Matha
  20. Kundapura Vyasaraja Matha
  21. Baligaru Arya Akshobhya Tirtha Matha
  22. Kudli Arya Akshobhya Tirtha Matha
  23. Tambehalli Madhava Tirtha Matha
  24. Mulbagalu Sripadaraja Matha


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