Monday, May 20, 2013

Guru parampara of Admar mutt one of asta mata in udupi mata

Adamar Mutt

Aradhya Daiva
Kaliyamardana Krishna with four arms.The idol depicts Lord Krishna with one leg on the serpent and with the other leg lifted up in a dancing pose. One hand is bent in a dancing pose and the other is holding the tail of the serpent. The other two hands are decorated with conch and the cakra

 Charama Shloka
Sri. Narasimha (Narahari) Tirtha

Sri. Kamalekshana Tirtha

Sri. Ramachandra Tirtha

Sri. Vidyadhisha Tirtha

Sri. Vishvapati Tirtha

Sri. Vishvesha Tirtha

Sri. Vedanidhi Tirtha

Sri.  Vedaraja Tirtha

Sri.  Vidyamurthi Tirtha

Sri. Vaikuntharaja Tirtha
Entered Brundavana in 1485
 TheerthaRaajapura, ThungaBhadhraa Theera
Bhaadhrapadha, Krushna, Panchamee

Sri. Vishvaraja Tirtha

Sri. Vedagarbha Tirtha

Sri. hiranyagarbha tirtha

Sri. Vishvadhisha Tirtha

Sri.Vishvavallabha Tirtha

Sri. Vishvendra Tirtha

Sri.  Vedanidhi Tirtha

Sri.Vadindra Tirtha

Sri. Vidyapathi Tirtha

Sri. Vibudhapati Tirtha

Sri. Vedavallabha Tirtha

Sri. Vedavandya Tirtha

Sri. Vidyesha Tirtha

Sri.Vibudhavallabha tirtha

Sri.Vibudhavsndva Tirtha

Sri.Vibudhavarya Tirtha

Sri.Vibudhendra Tirtha

Sri. Vibudhadhiraja Tirtha

Sri.Vibudhapriya Tirtha



Sri Vishwapriya Thirtha Swamiji - Present Pontiff

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