Pejavara mutt

Pejavar Mutt
Pejavar Mutt:
By the side of admar Mutt in the western portion of the Car Street is Pejavar Mutt. The main branch of this Mutt is in the village by name Pejavar.

The idol worshipped here is that of Vithal with Sri Devi and Bhuu Devi gifted to the founder pontiff Sri Adhokshaja Tirtha by Sri Madhvacharya. This idol with its one hand placed on hips is also known as Aja Vithala to distinguish it from the other idols of Vithala. The idol worshipped by Adhokshaja Tirtha is rightly called Aja Vithala. Along with this, the idol of Sri Rama of Kanvatirtha is also worshipped. This is the idol worshipped by Sri Vijayadhvaja Tirtha.

Sri Vishvesha tirtha the 33rd pontiff in the lineage is the present swamiji. HE was initiated in his 8th year in 1938 (Bahudhaanya samvatsar Maargasiira Suddha dasami.)

He has initiated a junior swamiji to the order. His name is Sri Vishvavijya Tirtha. He was initiated in his 16th year in 1979 (siddhaarthi samvatsara vaisaakha suddha saptami)

The guru parampara of this Mutt:
1. Adhokshaja Tirtha
2. Kamalaksha Tirtha
3. Pushkaraksha Tirtha
4. Amarendra Tirtha
5. Magenta Tirtha
6. Vijayadhvaja Tirtha
7. Ottawa Tirtha
8. Chintamani Tirtha
9. Deodar Tirtha
10. Vaudeville tirtha
11. Vadindra Tirtha
12. Vedagarbha Tirtha
13. Anuran Tirtha
14. Vijaya Tirtha
15. Vijaya Tirtha
16. Vishveshwara Tirtha
17. Vishvabhushna Tirtha
18. Vishvavandya Tirtha
19. Vidyaraja Tirtha
20. Vishvamurthy Tirtha
21. Vishvapati Tirtha
22. Vishvanidhi Tirtha
23. Vishvadhisha Tirtha
24. vishvadhiraja Tirtha
25. Vishvabodha Tirtha
26. Vishvavallabha Tirtha
27. Vishvapriya Tirtha
28. Vishvavarya Tirtha
29. Vishvaraja Tirtha
30. Vishvamanohara Tirtha
31. Vishvajna Tirtha
32. Vishvamanya Tirtha
33. Vishvesha Tirtha (Present Swamiji)
34. vishwaprasanna Tirtha (Present Junior Swamiji)


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